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July, 2005

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One of my great friends and colleagues at Microsoft -  Dave Lemphers  - works in our evangelist team. He was on my back for months and months (not literally of course :-) ) about why I should start a blog... that I had great info to share to the BTS community..... and so on. Pretty much, he made me feel like If didn't do it that I did not deserve being in his humble presence (O.K. I exaggerated a little). So i decided to give it a try and have never really turned back! It's been a blast.


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    It's time to join the blogging crew!

    Well, it has certainly taken some more than gentle persuasion from some of my friends, working colleagues and BizTalk community here in Australia .... ;-) but I thought it's time to get with the program and join the merry blogging crew (hey only a couple...
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