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August, 2006

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  • Albatross!

    Reflections on my first 24 hours with braces.

    Ow. Ow ow. OWOWOWOWOWOW. Sigh. 18 months minus one day to go. Did I say ow?
  • Albatross!

    Chris goes back to junior high school...

    No, this ISN'T a post about IE, web standards, or me being childish about the trolls. I'm getting braces on my teeth. Sigh. At 36. In short - my teeth are wearing heavily because I have an incorrect bite, and I've always disliked the diastema (gap...
  • Albatross!

    Update from Paul

    Paul Thurrott just posted a note about the last week from his perspective, and gives his opinion.
  • Albatross!


    Mmmm. ZDNet , Slashdot , and Digg , all in one morning. FWIW, Mom, if you're listening, I didn't mean you're a BAD canonical example - just that you'd rather your computer work than have me install the latest and greatest version of our browser (ANY...
  • Albatross!

    Snarky snarky.

    This post is about me. Please do not post comments about Microsoft’s behavior in response to this post. This isn't a troll for congratulations or thanks, either. I stopped replying to the comments in the last post. Not because I stopped reading them...
  • Albatross!

    IE and CSS "Compliance"

    I was surprised that when I got back from vacationing in Hawaii to read a Slashdot post by Jeff Reifman about an article Paul Thurrott wrote...last year. I read Slashdot regularly, and it didn’t make sense; not only is this old information, but it’s not...
  • Albatross!

    Where's Chris?

    In short, I've been on some long-overdue vacations - first to Texas, then to Hawaii. But I'm back now, and digging back in to my email backlog (two vacations with almost no net access, I'm surprised I didn't have withdrawal symptoms).
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