This is the personal blog of Chris Wilson, Platform Architect of the Internet Explorer Platform team at Microsoft (and ex-Group Program Manager).

October, 2006

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  • Albatross!

    I'm leaving my position as IE platform Group Program Manager…

    …HA! Gotcha! I’ve been juggling multiple roles on the IE team for a while. With the release of IE7, I decided (with my management’s support, of course) to focus my energy on the design of the IE web developer platform as the lead platform architect...
  • Albatross!

    Hola desde España

    Okay, that exhausts my Spanish. And I had to look up two of those words in the dictionary. But hey, I'm in Spain anyway, for the Fundamentos Web conference. I got in Sunday evening, managed to stay awake until 9PM local time and then promptly passed...
  • Albatross!

    Not even time to catch my breath...

    ...but I wanted to mention that I'm speaking next week at the Ajax Experience conference - both my usual IE7 talk (although updated a little - did you notice we shipped ? :) ) and a keynote talk entitled "The Once and Future Web". Oh, and I just dumped...
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