This is the personal blog of Chris Wilson, Platform Architect of the Internet Explorer Platform team at Microsoft (and ex-Group Program Manager).

April, 2007

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  • Albatross!

    The joy of being me

    So, we're having a fun thread on the HTML WG. I'm explaining what Microsoft must do, given the half-billion or so users that rely on us to not break their web experience. A certain contingent disagrees with me (okay) and seems to want to beat it out of...
  • Albatross!

    Upcoming speaking engagements...

    Trying to stay ahead of the game, but as usual I'm not very good at publicizing what I'm doing. Next week, I will be a panelist on the panel "The Arrival of Web 2.0: The State of the Union on Browser Technology" at the Web 2.0 Expo O'Reilly conference...
  • Albatross!

    For all of you that aren't going to MIX07...

    ...there will be a lot of live information streamed from the event, and videos released afterward. .
  • Albatross!

    Braces again.

    I seem to have two sets of people reading my blog - the people who know me from web work, and those who found this blog because I've occasionally posted about getting braces on my teeth in my mid-30s. This post is for the latter. Danielle - in my experience...
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