I know a few people have wondered why I appear to have stopped blogging altogether.


Well, the short version is because I did.  The longer version is that I got tired of dealing with the negativity  – although it's been suggested that I turn off comments, that isn’t really me.  I don’t think “not listening” is the right approach. 


It was also frustrating, at the time, that we (the IE team) weren’t saying anything substantial about IE8 or our plans, and I got tired of walking the line.  That changed, obviously, when MIX08 rolled around and we released our beta 1.


Finally, and this was partly exacerbated by the previous issues, I was tired of things I said being taken too seriously, and getting jumped on.  For example, the unfortunately well-publicized back and forth last fall on ES4 – which might have been okay as 1) a statement of my personal opinion, or 2) an open exchange of ideas on the future of ECMAScript.  Unfortunately, it got blown into a much bigger deal than that, and that just made me depressed.


Anyhow, I’m going to take another run at it; there are a few things I wanted to comment on lately.  And you can always watch what’s going on with me on my Twitter, or check out my pictures on Flickr.