This is the personal blog of Chris Wilson, Platform Architect of the Internet Explorer Platform team at Microsoft (and ex-Group Program Manager).

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  • Blog Post: Braces again.

    I seem to have two sets of people reading my blog - the people who know me from web work, and those who found this blog because I've occasionally posted about getting braces on my teeth in my mid-30s. This post is for the latter. Danielle - in my experience, the pain (at least, the "I don't even want...
  • Blog Post: Braces.

    Wow, a bunch of recent comments on my first post after getting my braces . So, I've had my braces for about four and a half months now. I've had several followup appointments, the most recent one yesterday. I had my first breakage on Boxing Day, when I bit into an olive at a party not realizing there...
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