OK probably better to start of with what is Quiescing in regards to Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server (TFS)?


The answer depends on who you ask…


In this case it’s the systematic shut down or manipulation of the TFS product and services in order to successfully install updates. When it works it’s a great idea but right now its still in its infancy and needs to grow up yet. There are updates coming that should have been released pervious to the TFS SP1 but some things were missed as many of you have seen.


If the installation fails there should be a msi*.log found in the %temp% folder. Look from the bottom up and search for "disablerollback" or "return value 3" and just above it for the real error. Look for the first error that is incurred so you may have to search up through a few errors.


Most common installation issues for the TFS SP1 and its Quiescing Hotfix are:


  • The Quiesc process does not change all TFS DB's to single user mode. You can manually adjust this in the SQL management tools and reapply the TFS SP1. Post install you will need to make sure they all got set back to multi user again. TFSWharehouse sometimes needs to be in MultiUser to complete (nothing like consistency)
  • Previous TFS SP1 Beta version is installed and needs to be removed previous to installing the released version.
  • Post original install configuration changes (you know that Database that got moved or the ports that were changed, now the SP is unaware of where they reside) ET is trying to phone home and getting the no one is home message.
  • SP1 installed but leaves IIS unreachable - the remote connections must be reconfigured (see the SP1 readme)
  • Installation fails on a SQL Clustered machine - here your better off to wait for the updates than try to install at this time unless you really have to have the updates installed for functionality now.


Helpful links:



Is this pain really worth it?


Yes it is - there are several critical updates as well as many new enhancements which Brian has documented


Office integration

  • Excel 12: Accessing deleted list / table when the list is deleted by someone else 


  • Work items rev'ed on deleted nodes break Warehouse
  • [Tool Artifact Display Url] is populated with URLs using TFSNameUrl and not TFSUrlPublic 

Server Integration and Admin

  • TFS Authentication Filter matches on substrings but should require an exact match 


  • WebApp directories are incorrectly configured on ATDT single server setup after installing SP1 
  • TFS Server SP1 Patches don't updated patch files properly when re-installing after uninstall 

Source Code Control

  • TFS SP1 Beta - when different collation between system and TFS databases - Get Latest Version doesn't work 
  • "Attempted to read or write protected memory" error when refreshing SCE 
  • PendMerge has a perf regression in UPDATE tbl_RevertTo 
  • Unshelve: SQL PK violation when running prc_PrepareUnshelve 
  • TFS SP1 RC1 Patch causes Version Control to fail 

Work Item Tracking

  • Search on History field based on partial text does not return the expected work items. 
  • Running a query using the 'contains' operator on the description field results in a "cannot connect to TFS" error dialog 
  • "The given key was not present in the dictionary" returned when viewing a work item via WorkItem.aspx 


Pasted from <http://blogs.msdn.com/bharry/archive/2006/12/19/update-on-bug-fixes-in-tfs-sp1.aspx>


Other issues of the week:


Visual Studio SP1 installations taking up too much space and it hasn't even installed successfully - the installer cache may have leftover *.msp files from the failed installs if you run out of disk space and the setup did not finish or fail gracefully. Look for multiple 436MB *.msp files. There is one for every VS client product you have installed so don’t just delete away or you will leave yourself in a broken state.