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March, 2008

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On technology, society, and thinking in general...

On Cy Khormaee:

Cy is an Academic Developer Evangelist for Microsoft - tasked with helping schools and Microsoft place nice with one another.  After graduating from the University of Washington with a CS degree (research specialty in education and HCI) he started working for Microsoft as a Program Manager in Business Intelligence.  A year (and a bit) later he's become an ADE living in DC and working in the Mid-Atlantic Region (DC, Virginias, Delaware, Maryland, Carolinas).

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    Your Attention Please!

    Knowing your audience is probably both the hardest and most important aspect of giving a great talk.  JohnMont (of Popfly fame) just wrote a post on The Art of the Demo TV commercials have it right - you have a VERY small window to get your point...
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    Popfly is up for CNET Webware 100 Award!

    Popfly has been nominated as one of 300 finalists by the CNET editors for the CNET Webware 100 award.  Competition is pretty stiff, so we need your help to win! Click this to vote for Popfly!  
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    Technology Trailers FTW

      Technology is exciting and entertaining.  Like movies.  So they should have Trailers.  Like movies:
  • The CyKho Blog do we get students interested in technology?

        The age old question of "how do we get more students interested in STEM (science tech engineering math) has come up one too many times.  It's time for me to write what I know (so here you go!):     A couple programs Microsoft...
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