While having a conversation with one of my googler pals - I noticed that gmail still bears the "beta" moniker.  WTF Google. 


Gmail was released in March of 2004 - meaning it's been in Beta for FOUR YEARS NOW - little lengthy UAT (User Acceptance Testing - what public betas are REALLY for).  The whole notion of "setting customer expectations" with the Beta tag has been abused so often as an ass covering technique that the technical term as lost all meaning.  This needs to stop now.  Honestly - you know the situation is bad when developers are discussing internally what to call their launch versions since they can't use the word Beta anymore as a descriptive term.  Marketing owns that now - along with any notion of informative labeling in the "Web 2.0 World" - now overrun by the frightening monsters of branding with their flapping jaws, closed ears, and hollow skulls - thinking they can change the world (or at least make a buck) by learning the word AJAX.