Paul Oliver is the founder of Legendary Studios and an experienced XNA developer.  His Guest blog posts will chronicle the development involved in converting a small existing Xbox 360 game to be Zune ready to coincide with the full release of XNA Game Studio 3.0!

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With the release of the CTP of XNA 3.0 and the ability to dev games for the Zune Arthur and I decided to take a break from Legendary Studios work and port a cute little XNA game we wrote back in Sept.

The initial code that we will be porting to the zune is a worms style game using per-pixel collision. With any luck the zunes 400mhz processor will be capable of the per-pixel collision on a smaller scale.

The origin al game is attached in this post. The game works on Windows and the Xbox360 with XNA 2.0 and has an "Invader Zim" theme to it, however with the port to the zune we will most likely move away from that theme and to our own theme.  We never did much play testing or optimization of the working windows/xbox360 game [we run on 8800's with 2.6ghz processor so there was no need], and the controls could use a lot of work.

For the zune port many things will have to be changed. We have re-designed the menu structure and the controls for the zune and done a major revamping of the code. Over the next week or so we intend to complete the port and publicly release the game and source for free."