Yesterday was one of the worst storms in Washington DC downing trees (and power lines) across our nation’s capital.  Driving into the office I noticed the opposite lane was blocked in two places.  In one instant there were 20+ people out of their cars working to clear the road.  In the other there was a series of cars making U-Turns leaving the issue to someone else. 

This leads me to consider how we can make a positive impact as a group.  Only by coming together and acting collaboratively can we change the world.  So, the question is just how do we do that?  How does an individual gather a team to create a movement?

Microsoft has some great tools focused around disaster relief if you’re already an NGO:

If you’re a student thinking about how to make some waves take a look at our Imagine Cup competition which gives you a crack at solving the world’s toughest problems with technology (with cash prizes!):