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  • Blog Post: Cagefighting brought to you by HP pavilion?

    Advertising in the corporate world has largely been spit into "family safe brands" and the risqué. The family safe contingent peddles their good citizen status by association with environmental and child safety.  Your beer companies, energy drinks etc who tend towards the risqué...
  • Blog Post: Rejected launch Marketing

    Not every idea can be a winner...   This video is from The Code Trip - a bunch of developers hit the road in a tour bus, geek out, and journey across the land. It's a good good time.  For more check our their Travel Log .
  • Blog Post: Zune Branding

    The Zune team is marketing a art consumption device by using art? o rly? ya rly! no wai! <insert owl pictures here> Check it out: Zune - Intergalactic Swap Meet Uploaded by firat
  • Blog Post: On "the kids"

    It's kinda scary how much thought and time is invested in wringing the wallets and buying the minds of 20somethings these days: One of the Implications raied by this article got me thinking: "Facebook is of the people, by the people,...
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