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  • Blog Post: Four Steps to a Four Hour Work Day

    Ever wondered how you can spend less time at your desk or in the office? Follow these four tried and true steps to get out the door in four hours or less every day:
  • Blog Post: Word embraces academics

    Microsoft just released the Beta 1 release of the Article Authoring Add-in for Microsoft Word 2007 (see Pablo Fernicola's blog post .  This enables the author of an article to store their writing in a format predefined by the journal they wish to submit to.  This technology has some great potential...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Data Mining Addins for Excel

    You can now use excel for advanced analysis and data mining! Now, in addition to being able to import data directly from SQL Server, Excel can access the mining and analysis tools in sql server. The Analyze Key Influencers is one of the coolest features in this package - find correlations in any table...
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