and I may get pneumonia, but it's worth it to sit outside watching the most amazing thunderstorm I've seen in a long while. I was wondering why it was getting so warm in my apt and I suddenly noticed flashing outside. It was so rapid that I thought maybe it was some sort of emergenecy vehicle (or maybe just a cool rave going on nearby). I checked and realized it was lightning, lots and lots of lightning. It went on for about 10 minutes with the booms getting louder and louder, including a few teeth chattering ones. Then all of a suddenly I felt wind a cool wet gust in my face and the sky opened up. The outdoor roads became a river and the sky was more often purple than black.

It's nights like this that I remember why I really like having a balcony and why the rain in Seattle is sometimes something you can look forward to.

Thanks to all who were involved in tonights performance, it's took my breath away.

Edit: I didn't get pictures, but many others did. Including one person who snapped a shot when lightning struck a tree right in front of him. It's a pretty incredible thing to capture. But I don't wish I had been in that guys shoes. Wait... I take that back. I would love to experience something like that (barring no permanent injuries of course!):