January, 2005

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    What to do when the unexpected happens (part 2)

    Thanks all for the fantastic feedback on the previous post. Based on your response we've decided to go ahead and add watson dump reporting for beta2 for our asserts. Based on the success in fixing bugs bases on the dumps and user feedback about the experience...
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    What to do when the unexpected happens

    Quite recently I made a pretty visible change to the C# language service for Beta2. For many operations that you can perform in the IDE (like generate method stub, or trying to set a named breakpoint) we will throw an exception in the case of failure...
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    Simplifying boolean expressions (part 3)

    or "Where we wrap together all that prototype code and get something actually useful" So now we get to the function that does all the work for us: let rec reduce_normal_form nform1 = let rnf = reduce_normal_form in let rec replace snform var const = match...
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    Simplifying boolean expressions (part 2)

    So where do go about simplifying a boolean expression? Well, we can go about it through a series of pretty simple steps. EE and CS curriculums cover these algorithms depth and i’m going to use a pretty basic one. First let’s start with what a boolean...
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    Simplifying boolean expressions

    i was doing a little fun C# coding on the side and i was running into one of those cases where i had a conditional expression to write and i couldn't figure out the best way to write it. it was basically something like: void Foo(a, b) { if (!((a &&...
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    You can’t make an omelet…

    Sorry about the lack of updates. I haven’t been able to work on the Managed Language Service like I wanted to. Instead I went on a great vacation and then have been spending most of my time doing a lot of in depth security work on the C# language service...
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    I feel kinda weird posting about a topic as trivial as this when there are infinitely more important things going on in the world right now , but i needed to get it off my chest before i went to bed. I was spending a great night with my sisters which...
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