April, 2005

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    I hate tabs in web browsers

    Ok, i seriously don't get tabs on Windows. Hell, i don't get tabs on OSX either. In the latter there's a great system called Exposé for that, and in the former the task bar does the job just great. Once i start using tabs though things go all to hell...
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    When capabilities don't meet requirements

    So I’ve recently fixed two bugs that have come up that both shared a root cause. I thought that they were interesting enough that it would be worth sharing with you guys. In order to make them make sense I first need to give a little bit of an architectural...
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    Why do so few systems get this right? If they're muted and i turn the volume up, then they should un-mute themselves. Or, at the very least they should indicate that volume will do nothing since they're currently muted. I mean seriously, who turns...
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    Outside In

    One of the things I love about working here is that I get to see a ton of cool stuff that never ends up actually in a product. Internal projects, fun employee excursions, research endeavors, and in this particular instance an awesome new system one of...
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    Color schemes

    I got a message from a couple of my readers that they were finding it hard to read the new page because of the light on dark text. Interestingly enough i find it far more readable this way, but i definitely do not want people to be frustrated with the...
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    Too many options!!

    So i've noticed in quite a few of my blogs that people have complained about the #region's we include when you're using Implement-Interface. Probably the most frustrating thing is that if you take the following steps: Implement some interface on...
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    It's often the case that i need (or want) to see how something is done inside VB. However, whenever i start editing in VB i realize how much the language confuses me and how i'm always tripping up over the language. As a tribute to the VB team, the work...
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    New blog system complaint

    I received this from one of my readers: --- "It looks like readers are now required to create an account and log in before they can post comments. I'm a regular reader of your blog and of blogs.msdn in general, but I nearly always comment anonymously...
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    Implement Interface (Redux)

    Sorry for the poor appearance of some of the code samples. The new blog site seems to be having problems with the markup. I'm working with them to try and find a solution ASAP. Ok. Until i find a solution, i'm just going to use screen captures. ...
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    New Blog System

    So this is a new system they've moved us over and i'm trying to get used to the differences between it and the old one. Right now it appears that changing themes isn't exactly working, so you'll have to bear with me the current look. As soon as I can...
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    Schizophrenic Seattle

    Ok. So i wish seattle would just make up it's mind and switch to Summer weather already. It was freesing three days ago, then we had a massive hail storm, followed by a gorgeously sunny day, and now drizzly non-stop rain. Of course, it was great weather...
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