Ok, i seriously don't get tabs on Windows.  Hell, i don't get tabs on OSX either.  In the latter there's a great system called Exposé for that, and in the former the task bar does the job just great.  Once i start using tabs though things go all to hell.  On OSX i can't tell which FireFox/Safari window has the tab i want (since it's too small), and similarly in windows i find myself scanning the taskbar for a site i was looking at, but i can't find it because the task bar entry only lists the site that is the currently active tab.  This makes it so difficult to actually find the site i want and it ends up being far slower than just having a window available for each site.

Rumors have it that the next IE will have tabs too, but if they're like the current form that we're seeing in other browsers like FireFox and Maxthon, i'm curious what's the point.  Why not have a tab system that allows you to not open up new windows *but* which is also easy for the user to for users to find the sites they were looking for.  How about a system where instead of tabs you have something like the OSX dock where you would see miniture versions of the web pages you were out?  Or something where if you hovered over an item in the taskbar/dock it would overlay that dock-like image above it.  Then i wouldn't have to constantly be alt-tabbing or restoring/minimizing through my browsers to find the right page.

As far as i can tell, tabs just exist to violate the existing window managment systems i have in the OSs i use.  So all the built-in ways i know to use my system fly out the window (no pun intended).


New idea: If I Exposé my windows then all safari tabs should fly out and be shown in the Exposéd view.  Then if i select a web page that i want then safari should be brought to focus with the appropriate tab selected.  That would be *awesome*