Last year i got to go to TechEd and had an amazing time.  It was a huge eye opener and it really showed me the extent to how our tools are used, and how important each part of our business is for an enormous amount of companies and developers out there.  This year I get to go to the 2005 JavaOne conference!!  I'm totally psyched about this.  I was a big java developer before i came to MS and i have a good 1/2 million lines of code under my belt in that language.  This will get me a chance to catch up with all the areas that i've been sort of neglecting for the past couple of years.  I'm going to be paying close attention to the developer tools space (eclipse and netbeans), but i'm also going to look hard at all the new langauge enhancements (tiger) as well as the work beign done in the Data space (i.e. Hibernate and whatnot).  There's a ton of awesome stuff to see and i'll be there for the full conference so i'll get a great chance to check out a ton of it.

And, on top of all that, the conference is in SanFran!  Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcellent!  If any of you are out there at the same time, let me know and we can grab a beer or something :-)