Helped out at the MS booth in the Pavilion for a bit today.  Contrary to my expectations we were absolutely packed, with a line that stretched far out and wrapped around.  The conversations mostly involved ways that java and .net could interoperate, and topics that ranged from Web Services to DB agnosticism were discussed.  It looks like there are a lot of shops out there doing joint or cross platform development with J2EE and .Net and are looking for every way to make that cheaper and easier for them.  It was also really great because there was a lot of banter from the crowd about people talking about ASP/JSP and which was superior.  It was cool to see so much passion for this technology as well as getting a sence that people really like how fast the industry is moving forward and what it's bringing all of htem. There was also a lot of interest in VS 2005 Beta2 once we started talking about the new technologies we were introducing in Team Server and how they could be helpful for development teams in creating software.

One of the topics i kept hearing a lot of was OR-mappings and what MS' story was here.  Unfortunately, this isn't an area that i know a lot about, but i think it's pretty clear that i should learn since it is something that seems to be affecting a whole lot of people.

Hrmm... suddenly a whole lot of press shows up.  They're surrounding someone who looks familiar but i can't quite put my finger on it.  Then i hear a whisper: "McNealy".  Bingo!  Looks like he came down to take a look and chat for a bit with the MS guys running the booth.  Pretty cool to see, and they all sounded pretty about the competition that's arising over web standards and who can deliver the best "stack" around that.  I'll definitely have to spend some more time in the booth so i can talk to my Java p33ps some more about what we can be doing for them.

Ok.  Off to the Eclipse technical session.  This is something i've been looking forward to for a long time and i'm really excited to see what they have to show off here.