I'm proud to tell you all about the availabilty *today* of C# Express for the insanely high price of $0.  That's right.  You can get streamlined and slick version of Visual Studio with complete support for C# editing, WinForms development and debugging for FREE!  I worked hard on this product (from the feature level all the way to Sku creation) and i'm incredibly proud of it.  Having a free development platform is something that i've been wanting to provide ever since i came to the company.  You were always able to develop on windows for free using the SDKs we've provided.  However, there's a vast difference between using notepad and a csc.exe and having a rich development environment that can make development so much faster.

So if you want a great,  free IDE head over to the C# Express page and go get it.  Or, heck, if you want to try out the IDE to see what it's like before shooting for one of it's more expsensive simplblings, you now can find out what they're like without needing a beta.  And, i might as well mention it, if you want great, free VB, C++, ASP.Net, J# tools or even SQL Server, you can get those for free as well!!!

This is an awesome day for me and i hope it is for you as well!