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January, 2009

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    Event – SoCalCode Camp


    If you haven't already registered at for the upcoming Rock & Roll Code Camp to be held in Fullerton - why not take a minute to do it now!?!?

    Remember, CODE CAMP IS FREE!!!

    January 24th & 25th, 2009

    University of California Fullerton (UCF)

    We already have 73 sessions and counting. Many of your favorite speakers are returning to provide you with great new content including Paul Sheriff, Daniel Egan, Michele Leroux Bustamante, Mickey Williams, Woody Pewitt, David McCarter, James Johnson and more! Imagine, many of these internationally known speakers frequent conferences like Tech Ed, PDC, MIX, Dev Connections, VSLive and more! And you get to see them talk for FREE!!!!

    There are also some budding new speakers that offer great sessions based on their real world experiences in the local community. You could even be one of them - feel free to add more sessions to the site, we have room for more!

    Register here -->

    The schedule will be posted one week before Code Camp so you can plan your attack!

    We're also planning another GEEK dinner with the band Sound Cake! They rocked us at the last San Diego Code Camp and they are returning for more!!!!  Check out the website for more details on the Geek dinner.

    We hope to see you at Rock & Roll Code Camp!

    Register here -->

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    Event – MSDN Developer Conference (MDC) in San Francisco on 2009.02.19



    We’re bringing the PDC (Professional Developers Conference held in Los Angeles in October 2008) to you! For just $99 you’ll get the best of the PDC in your own backyard and hear all of the exciting announcements around the Azure Services Platform and Windows 7. Check us out in San Francisco on 2/19!

    Other sessions include the latest developments in .NET, Silverlight, Surface, Parallel Programming, Live Mesh, and more.

    Register today so you can stay current in an ever-competitive job market, enhance your engineering skills and gain access to the next generation of tools and technology. The cost to attend is just $99. And, did we mention that attendees will get some cool giveaways?

    If you are a developer who missed the PDC but enjoys diving deep into the Microsoft platform or you are responsible for the technical strategy of your organization, then the MSDN Developer Conference is for you.

    Don’t miss this premier developer event. Click the Register Now button or visit to learn more and register today!

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    Event – XamlFest on January 14 & 15, 2009 at Irvine, California


    Are you interested about WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) but concerned about the learning curve?  Have you seen Silverlight but don’t know where to get started?  Or are you curious about how tools like Visual Studio and Expression Blend help designers and developers work together to deliver great user experiences? If so, join us at XamlFest!

    XamlFest is a two day interactive event where you’ll learn about the platforms the tools and processes used to deliver differentiated user experiences. It’s a chance for you to mingle with UX minded Microsoft folks as well as industry leading design integrators.  It’s also an opportunity to pick up a free copy of Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Studio 2 for you attendance.

    More details are available at

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