Welcome oh seeker of information.  I have words of interest to share with you and the world.  Some may change their life as a result of reading a particular post, others will not.  Shall we begin?

Was I right or was I wrong?

In 1983 I was a computer science major taking VAX assembler.  With some experimentation using the command line tool, it didn't take me long to hack into a share with answers to a final coming up.  I actually surprised myself that I got in there and got nervous that I would get expelled.  Should I have:

  • Logged out and not told anyone?
  • Copied the answers then logged out and not tell anyone what I did?
  • Backed out and approach the Prof to expose the hack?

What would you have done?  I actually ended up telling them.  At the time, it felt really dramatic because they met behind closed doors while I sat in a lime green vinyl arm chair in a waiting room area.  At the time I suppose orange walls and green furniture was "in".  Interesting how something you deem interesting or even frightening heightens your senses and allows you to recall a moment with clarity some time later.  It worked out ok with them thanking me for bringing it to their attention and then later bringing in Digital to seal the leak.  Have I tried since?  Maybe, maybe not.  Let's just say I've not had to sit in any waiting rooms wondering if an operating system would get me in trouble.