David Aiken

Management, Building Manageable Applications, Design for Operations, WMI, DSI, MMC, VSMMD and of course Windows Powershell

November, 2006

  • David Aiken

    Configuring a Visual Studio 2005 Environment for Windows PowerShell

    In an attempt to live inside the Windows Powershell shell as much as possible, i figured i would need a way to use powershell to do .NET Framework command line things such as "InstallUtil" and "MSBuild". After very little digging, it was clear i needed...
  • David Aiken

    Windows PowerShell Launches

    Windows PowerShell launched today in a keynote at IT Forum conference in Barcelona, Spain. Windows PowerShell is the new command shell and scripting language that will make administration and automation much easier and faster. If you have not tried...
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