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Windows Server 2008's Virtualization has RTMed

Windows Server 2008's Virtualization has RTMed

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A lot of people we disappointed that our virtualization technology did not ship with Windows Server 2008 back in February; however, today it was released Hyper-V, the hypervisor-based virtualization technology!

I've seen earlier version of Hyper-V and those versions we very impressive. So of course the Microsoft blogsphere is going nuts getting the word out.

So in doing my part, here a list of resources for you to find out more information about Hyper-V. No...I didn't compile this was given to me. Share and enjoy!


Microsoft Virtualization Home Page

Virtualization Case Studies

Virtualization Solution Accelerators

Windows Server 2008 Virtualization & Consolidation:

Hyper-V FAQ

Optimized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI and much more):

Virtualization TechCenter:

How to Install Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V RC

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Performance Tuning Guide

MSDN & TechNet Powered by Hyper-V

MSDN & TechNet Powered by Hyper-V Whitepaper



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