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Adding DBPro to Your Dev Edition Installation

Adding DBPro to Your Dev Edition Installation

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With last week's announcement of DBPro being rolled into the Dev Edition, I've had some questions from customers on what it takes to get either edition installed with the other.

VSTS DBPro and Dev Edition are add-in features that install and are accessed through the VS IDE. So what does it take to get either edition added to your current setup? First, you have to download the ISO for the edition you want to install. You can either burn the ISO to a disc, or you can use the technique I wrote about in a previous entry (Have ISO, Will Travel). The ISO might be a large download, but when you run the install, it will detect what's already installed and add the missing elements.

There is a caveat though. Because the ISO will install pre-VS 2008 SP1 bits, after you install the other edition, you'll need to re-install VS 2008 SP1 afterwards.


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