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Visual Studio "Camano" product named reveiled

Visual Studio "Camano" product named reveiled

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If you've had an opportunity to play around with the VSTS 2010 CTP 12 image that was made available to world back at PDC 08 in October, you probably saw glimpses of a product we codenamed "Camano." It's a separate test case management and manual test execution/recorder as part of our "No Repro Bug" bullet item for our Quality pillar for VSTS 2010.

Yesterday, Jason Zander, Visual Studio General Manager, announced the official name of the product to be Visual Studio Test Essentials. This product is intented to be for developers and testers alike to write test plans and test cases that are stored within Team Foundation Server and testing can be done without having to step through the tests via the Visual Studio Test Edition like they are today.

Check out Jason's announcement here:



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