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Pluralsight Start Subscription for all MSDN Subscribers

Pluralsight Start Subscription for all MSDN Subscribers

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I’ve been MSDN user since it was actually called the Microsoft Developer Network. But whether you’re brand new to the subscription or a long time user like me, it has always been beneficial to have a subscription. Well late last week, we just made it a bit more valuable.

MSDN subscribers around the world are now eligible for a 12-month Pluralsight training subscription. This past Summer, it was a limited-time benefit for the US subscribers only. Due to the great response and feedback from our customers, the benefit was extended globally through December 11, 2012.

So what is the Pluralsight Starter Subscription? It’s a special 25 course subscription created specifically for MSDN subscribers including 5 new Visual Studio 2012 courses. The VS 2012 courses include:

  • Introduction to Visual Studio 2012 – Part 1
  • ALM with TFS 2012 Fundamentals
  • ALM for Developers with VS 2012
  • Intellitrace
  • Microsoft Fakes Fundamentals

There’s courses on C#, C++, Kanban, and more. To see the complete offering, here’s the full list of courses.

So don’t delay. Order yours today. Operators are standing by. Seriously though…take advantage of offer now before December 11, 2012 comes and goes. To sign up, just register with Pluralsight at You will need to know your MSDN Subscriber ID. Don’t know it? You can find it when you log into your MSDN account and it’s under My Accounts.


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  • Looks like it's not available for Microsoft FTEs :(

  • Unfortunately, MSFT FTEs are excluded as well as subscriptions acquired through MPN, DreamSpark, WebsiteSpark, or BizSpark.

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