Hi! I am Christian Liensberger and I am a PM on “Dallas”. As part of my work at Microsoft I am driving the experience of the “Dallas” Developer Portal and the API design for the services that are exposed through “Dallas”.

A quick update

We have refreshed Dallas to bring new features and bug fixes as we work towards our commercial release. Some of the key updates in this release include:

·         We added a new service to the set of NASA services. This service exposes the images that were taken by the Mars rovers (“Opportunity” and “Spirit”).

·         Added some performance optimizations for the various services.

·         Updated the services to support the new ACS (Access Control Service) release. More samples related to the new ACS release are available here.

·         We also added support for Silverlight. In Silverlight use the WebRequestCreator class and add the $accountkey and $uniqueUserID headers to the request to interact with the service. The following sample shows how to access the DATA.GOV crime service from Silverlight:

// create the request to the crime service.

HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequestCreator.ClientHttp.Create(new Uri("https://api.sqlazureservices.com/DataGovService.svc/crimes/Alabama?$format=atom10"));


// add the account key and unique user ID headers.

request.Headers["$accountKey"] = "<your account key>";

request.Headers["$uniqueUserID"] = "<your unique user ID>";


// request the data from the service.

request.BeginGetResponse(ar =>


    // get the request.

    HttpWebRequest r = (HttpWebRequest)ar.AsyncState;


    // get the response from the service.

    HttpWebResponse response = null;



         response = (HttpWebResponse)r.EndGetResponse(ar);


    catch (Exception ex)


        // TODO: implement the exception handling in the case the service

        // returned an error.





    // read the response.

    using (StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream(), true))


        string xml = reader.ReadToEnd();


        // TODO: implement the code to work with the results.



}, request);



·         Additional to that we fixed some minor bugs in the portal and on the service side.

We are looking for your feedback

Your feedback is important to help us shape Dallas. To make it easy to share feedback we added a new feedback channel. If you think we are missing a dataset, a feature, or just want to know what other people suggested go to http://www.mygreatwindowsazureidea.com/pages/35889-microsoft-codename-dallas-feature-voting.

Do you have an application that uses data from Dallas?

If you have built an application that uses data from Dallas please post a link to screenshots, a demo version or the full application as a comment below or send a mail to dallasbd@microsoft.com (with subject “Dallas Application”). Posting the application allows you to share the great work that you did with the community. We are also planning to create a blog post where we highlight applications that use data from Dallas.