New CTP 2 Release!

The “Dallas” team is happy to announce that we’ll be updating our services to enable new functionality and performance! We’re looking to publish an updated CTP2 on 3/15 and look forward to even more submissions from ISVs and Content Providers joining our ecosystem of information in the cloud!


Specifically in this release, there are improvements to enable easy geocoding for some services and to enable mash-ups of datasets. We’ve also improving the paging and service limits for use with PowerPivot, as well as new data and services from the United Nations, Weather Central, NAVTEQ, and other premium partners! For the full set of content, please visit the Dallas content catalog.



Example of an application consuming Weather Central data using 3D views!



Another sample application that we’ve built to enable augmented reality and associations between disparate datasets on Bing – bringing structured, real-time and blob data all together to deliver instant value for consumers and information workers! This is Dallas running in Bing Maps enabling layers to be added and deleted with a few simple clicks – highlighting the value of public domain data mashed with commercial content!

A Community Gift!

For those of you on Facebook, we wanted to provide a fun, useful utility to determine how safe your friends are based on statistical information from Data.GOV delivered via Dallas! It’s a light-hearted but useful example of how you can deliver new scenarios by unleashing the power and network effects of data! To play with the app and check out friends you shouldn’t loan money to, check out =)







Dallas at the MIX 2010 Conference!

We also look forward to seeing you at the MIX 2010 Conference in Las Vegas (March 15- 17th). Members of the Dallas team will be there to unveil the new publication experience and to dive into the details of Dallas as related to Information Workers;Developers for iPhone, WM, Windows Azure; and content providers – illustrating how anyone with premium, authoritative content and web services can partner with Dallas for global distribution! In addition, we’ll talk to the Dallas business model and will have representatives there to help with business development as well as developer consumption scenarios right at our Microsoft Codename “Dallas” booth!