“Dallas” and OData

We announced today at MIX ’10 in Las Vegas that developers will be able to build cross-platform Web and mobile applications that use data delivered from the cloud with OData, an HTTP and Atom-based approach to data portability.  With the release of SDKs for OData for a number of languages and platforms developers, and the availability of the second Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Microsoft codename “Dallas,” an information marketplace powered by Windows Azure and SQL Azure was also announced, developers can now can access  their data and 3rd party data to deliver unique user experiences.


As Web APIs and services become more important to the Web and mobile platforms, developers can build and manage their Web and mobile applications using the scalability and reliability of the Windows Azure platform, Microsoft’s cloud services platform.  The combination of OData and “Dallas “ provide exciting new opportunities for developers to create experiences that span a variety of devices, on-premises and in the cloud.  Developers can now expose their data from “Dallas” as an OData feed, build compelling online experiences, and sell their data with usage terms and pricing levels that they determine.  The combination of OData, “Dallas” and Microsoft’s cloud platform significantly improves the ease of data sharing and reach for developer’s applications. 


Since last fall’s Professional Developers Conference, developers today can take advantage of more than 30 datasets from content providers including NAVTEQ, Pitney Bowes Business Insight, Weather Central, City of Miami, and Zillow.com available on the “Dallas” information marketplace.  The “Dallas” information marketplace includes datasets from a variety of verticals: premium news, locations, financial, real estate and demographic data, providing developers with the ability to access 3rd party data to create new growth and revenue opportunities. 


Our content providers are excited by the opportunities offered with “Dallas.”  Hear what a few have to say:


Pitney Bowes Business Insight offers a comprehensive portfolio of powerful data, mapping and in-depth geographic analysis solutions,” said Steve Seabury, senior product manager, Pitney Bowes Business Insight. “In today’s competitive marketplace, gaining greater understanding into customer lifestyles and behaviors is critical to customer acquisition and market analysis. Through Microsoft’s “Dallas”, developers and information workers will be able to easily access and integrate our rich demographic databases through multiple channels that best fit their business application and support their specific business needs.”


“The need for high-quality weather information continues to drive tremendous traffic to our enterprise solutions”, says Bill Baker, president of Weather Central, LLC. “Weather impacts so many facets of our lives and has recently become a key component of next-generation applications.  We saw an excellent opportunity to help the Microsoft development community gain easy access to our world-class MicroCast™ forecasting technology.  The end result is an elegant geo-specific weather data API that provides over 10 high-resolution forecast variables.  MicroCast™ forecast data can be used to power anything from consumer weather widgets to business supply-chain solutions.  We look forward to elevating all of the great ideas that the Microsoft development community will bring our way.”



-Moe Khosravy