During his keynote at Worldwide Partner Conference last month, Bob Muglia announced that the “Dallas” CTP3 would be available within 30 days.

Today, exactly 30 days since that announcement, we are thrilled to announce the release of Dallas CTP 3 at www.sqlazureservices.com! 

CTP 3 brings with it a number of exciting improvements, rounding out the Dallas experience and making it easier to develop applications using data from Dallas subscriptions. CTP3 brings with it a number of small incremental changes as well as a number of larger, highly-requested new features such as:

·         Basic Authentication to authenticate users of Dallas data offerings

·         Flexible querying of OData content, as announced earlier this year at Mix – beyond simple web services!

·         Support for Add Service Reference in Visual Studio

·         New content providers and data

NOTE: With the release of CTP3, many of the CTP2 based versions of the services currently remain accessible. Although these services remain available, if you have existing applications written on top of these services you will be required to change the authentication scheme used to access these services to use Basic Authentication.

Please note that although these CTP2 services will remain accessible for a period of time after a service is migrated to OData, it will eventually be TURNED OFF. If you are writing an application against a service that already has an OData endpoint, WE RECOMMEND that you use the OData endpoint. If you are writing an application against a CTP2 service that has not yet been migrated, we recommend you keep an eye on our blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/dallas and plan to migrate your application when the OData endpoint becomes available.

For more information and to experience “Dallas” CTP3 for yourself, check out www.sqlazureservices.com

-          Dallas Team