Announcement: Community Preview Release 4 Now Available

Community Preview #4 is now available for download in the downloads section of This will be our last Community Preview - after this we'll be posting Release Candidates. So please let us know of any bugs you find or other feedback you may have. You may post your bugs and feedback either on the beta newsgroup or in the feedback portion of this site.
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Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

Guide to migrating your UNIX HPC codes to Windows

This guide is designed to provide process and technical guidance to help you migrate your existing HPC applications from UNIX to Microsoft Windows as well as set up the requisite HPC infrastructure (including hardware, network connectivity, and software tools) to run those applications on Windows. It will help you choose the optimal HPC system architecture for your business, and once you have made that choice, it will provide detailed guidance for you to plan, migrate, deploy, and operate your HPC system. Go to Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003