November, 2006

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November, 2006

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Available for Download


    Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is available for download - to understand how WSS and MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007) are related check out this link -

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    HPC Leaders Demonstrate Interoperability Using OGF Specs


    Saw this demo while at SC06 today - this is great news for folks looking to use HPC clusters.

    The Open Grid Forum (OGF) announced its interoperability demonstration at the Supercomputing 2006 (SC06) conference showing the work being done towards interoperable high performance computing (HPC). Organizations participating in the demonstration include Altair Engineering, CROWN, EGEE, Fujitsu Labs of Europe, Genesis II, Globus Alliance, HP, Microsoft, OMII-UK, Platform Computing, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and University of Virginia. These participants are exhibiting their prototype implementations of OGF standards and draft specifications used to enable heterogeneous integration of HPC Grid solutions.
    The demonstration involves compute clusters processing various HPC applications submitted via OGF's Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSATM) HPC Profile draft specification, which leverages common Web Services specifications and existing OGF standards. The use of widely adopted Web Services and OGF specifications enables the interoperable interaction between different HPC middleware platforms.

    Source: HPC Leaders Demonstrate Interoperability Using OGF Specs

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    Behind the scene w/ Murray Sargent: Math in Office : LineServices


    I love hearing the behind the scene action - as Paul Harvey used to say - And now, the rest of the story...from Murray Sargent's Blog....

    One of the key technologies behind the high quality display of mathematical text in Word 2007 and RichEdit 6.0 is a special component called LineServices along with its sibling Page/TableServices. In addition to handling math display, various versions of LineServices are responsible for line layout in Word, Publisher, RichEdit, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, FrontPage, Visio, and Vista. It was developed by one of the most amazing teams at Microsoft. Because LineServices is used by components like RichEdit and Vista controls, it’s indirectly available to developers outside Microsoft. The low-level interfaces to run it directly are tricky to use and in general aren’t documented very completely. Microsoft developers who use LineServices generally consult with the LineServices team.

    This post tells some of how LineServices came to be and developed over time.

    Source: Murray Sargent: Math in Office : LineServices

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    SharePoint: Cross-browser authoring


    How timely this post SC06 I was just having a discussion with someone (who would like to remain nameless) about this very topic...John, that's 1 down :-)

    Cross-browser authoring

    One of the most popular blog entries was the web browser compatibility one where folks were very vocal about the lack of authoring support on non-IE browsers. I'm proud to say that Telerik is announcing that they will support cross-browser authoring with an integrated rich text editor that will be available for all customers licensed for Office SharePoint Server at no additional cost. According to Telerik, you can use the rich text editor in the following scenarios:
      • rich-text filed control in SharePoint forms (in Lists, etc.) 
      • rich-text editor WebPart 
      • Web Content Management scenario

    You can read more about it in the press release.

    They are going to launch a limited beta program in early December and plan to release final bits by end of calendar year. There should be a nomination form linked from shortly.

    Arpan Shah

    Source: Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog : Cross-browser authoring

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    Sim Water at UC Berkeley using OLAP cubes


    I really like to see this collaboration between the researchers at UC Berkeley and Catharine van Ingen from MSR's eScience group - they are using data mining and cubes to help with the scientific research.  This is really neat stuff...

    Environmental science has enjoyed an explosion in data collection and storage, thanks to ever-improving sensors and computer hardware. But real-world data can be mess and sensors in the field can always be hit by birds or otherwise made to give false readings. The problems compound when data comes in different formats from multiple sources. Digital Watershed is a watershed event for the field, an unprecedented collaboration that will bring all the water data together.
    Full story and photos:

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    MSR Synthetic-Biology Request for Proposals


    Here is the next RFP from MSR - this one is on Synthetic-Biology and is open worldwide.  See the RFP for more details:

    Synthetic-Biology Request for Proposals
    Microsoft Research launched a $500,000 request for proposals in synthetic biology Nov. 4. Synthetic biology lies at a junction between engineering and biology, and Microsoft is accepting proposals to address related computational challenges.

    Synthetic Biology lies at a junction between engineering and biology. Much of modern biology is based on three breakthroughs: (1) understanding the structure and operation of DNA, (2) manipulating DNA with restriction enzymes and the Polymerase Chain Reaction, and (3) understanding the genome through DNA sequencing. Synthetic Biology is based on three new developments: (1) direct synthesis of DNA, (2) abstraction of biological function, and (3) the growth of an industry of standard biological parts. Long-term research goals include how to best design and build engineered biological systems and to promote the open and transparent development of tools for engineering biology. Long-term social goals include enabling new industries based on the rational engineering of biological systems and materials, and constructing a society that can productively apply biological technology.

    Source: Microsoft Research Home

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    Data Mining for the rest of us...


    If you've ever been interested in using datamining tools - but don't have the time to figure out how it all works...take a look at these add-ins for the Excel2007.  With the data in a spreadsheet - you can kick off an analysis.

    I can see this a great way to clean and analyze data...especially scientific data.

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Data Mining Add-ins for Office 2007 (Data Mining Add-ins) allow you take advantage of SQL Server 2005 predictive analytics in Office Excel 2007 and Office Visio 2007. The download includes the following components:

    • Table Analysis Tools for Excel: This add-in provides you with easy-to-use tasks that leverage SQL Server 2005 Data Mining under the covers to perform powerful analytics on your spreadsheet data.
    • Data Mining Client for Excel: This add-in allows you to go through the full data mining model development lifecycle within Excel 2007 using either your spreadsheet data or external data accessible through your SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services instance.
    • Data Mining Templates for Visio: This add-in allows you to render and share your mining models as annotatable Visio 2007 drawings.

    Source: Download details: SQL Server Data Mining Add-ins for Office 2007 CTP

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    3D maps w/ - very cool


    I just ran across the 3D support they've added to the maps on and it is amazing...especially w/ cities like Seattle & Boston...

    About 3D maps

    View 3D perspectives of land and cities using the mouse, keyboard, or an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.

    With the navigation control you can view cities and streets from different heights and angles. Latitude, longitude, and altitude appear in the lower-left status bar of the browser window. A scale bar in the lower-right corner of the map indicates the distance from your viewing point to the objects below you.

    Link to Live Search

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    Novell and MS - OpenXML in OpenOffice


    This is great to hear - this will allow folks not using Office to have access to scientific info/data that could be include in documents...

    Office Open XML

    • Novell engineers have been working for the last year together with Microsoft engineers through the ECMA TC45 working group in producing a complete specification that would allow for interoperability across office suites.
    • Novell will develop the code necessary to bring support for Office Open XML into OpenOffice, and we will contribute that support back to the organization. We will also distribute the Office Open XML plug-in in our own edition of OpenOffice. In addition, we will participate in the Open XML Translator open source project.
  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    industryStream - For Health and Life Sciences


    Thought some folks in the Health and Life Sciences field might find these talks interesting.

    The Microsoft Developer & Platform Developer Evangelism Team is proud to announce industryStream, the premier technical program for developers. industryStream provides a constant flow of technical information with a focus on the Health and Life Sciences industry, as well as, networking opportunities for enterprise, partners.


    Newly launched in the Fall of 2006, this series runs every other Tuesday from 1pm to 2.30pm Eastern Standard Time. Make these your must-see source of the latest technology trends and solutions in health and life sciences. Our regulars include product managers from Redmond, as well as industry gurus within Microsoft discussing best of class Microsoft solutions for the health and life sciences industry.

    Source: Ashish Jaiman's Blog : industryStream - FOR HEALTH AND LIFE SCIENCES

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    New drop of XNA available


    There is new drop of Game Studio Express (Beta 2) - I'm still interested in seeing how XNA could be used for scientific visualizations.  Also an updated XNA FAQ...

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