September, 2008

Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

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September, 2008

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    Virtual Earth 6.2 Technical Webcast


    Here are a couple of upcoming Virtual Earth Webcasts to highlight the uses and details of the Virtual Earth 6.2 Release.   There are many VE pieces that can be used with scientific data, ie  to plot or even overlay other maps using mapcruncher

    Chris Pendleton is hosting the Momentum Webcast: See More and Do More with Microsoft Virtual Earth (Level 100)

  • Event Date: Thursday, October 02, 2008
  • Event Time: 9:00 AM Pacific Time
  • Microsoft is excited to announce the latest version of the Microsoft Virtual Earth platform, which can now deliver the Virtual Earth mapping experience on the desktop, on mobile devices, and via broadcast. The new release features mobile support, expanded international mapping, richer imagery, a broader range of data, and improved functionality. Organizations using Virtual Earth can see more and do more than ever, with enhancements that allow users to find, discover, and visualize data in new and innovative ways.

    Mark Brown is hosting the Virtual Earth 6.2 Technical Webcast

    • Event Date: Friday, October 3, 2008
    • Event Time: 10:00 AM PT
    • Duration: 90 minutes

    Join Mark Brown, Senior Product Manager for Virtual Earth to get a deep dive review of the next version of Virtual Earth 6.2 with demos throughout to show you how to leverage these in your applications. In addition we are releasing Virtual Earth Web Services v1.0. This SOAP-based web service was designed for developers looking to build and deploy mapping applications in a server-side environment and provides support for building desktop and mobile applications. Mark will also go through a number of the features in this v1 release with some demos and sample code as well.

    Mark Brown's Virtual Earth Blog : Virtual Earth 6.2 Technical Webcast

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    Science Cribsheets from SEED Magazine


    With all the activity in different science domains – I always keep an eye on the Science Cribsheets that SEED magazine puts out.   The latest, #16 is on Synthetic Biology…they’ve covered many topics from Stem Cells, Hurricanes, Climate Change, etc.


    Seed: Cribsheet

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  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    My Clown Club Card


    Clown Club DanThanks to Office OFFline I was able to create my own Shoe Circus Clown Club card as featured in the new ads.  Just make sure you right click on the link and save as.

  • Dan on eScience & Technical Computing @ Microsoft

    Data Mining Services in the Cloud – Mine your Data, Any Place, Any Time


    This is great news - Software-plus-Services that any scientist/researcher could use.  The SQL Server Data Mining folks have a Data Mining Service in the cloud they are testing out…I posted previously [OLAP and Scientific Data & Data Mining Addins for Office 2007 (Excel & Visio)] about the Excel addins that allow anyone with Excel to do Data Mining on Excel tables.  Nowimage the team is testing out SQL Server Data Mining Services – from which you can do the data mining directly from Excel 2007 or even upload a csv file. 

    So for fun – I downloaded a csv file of a stream gauge near Redmond into Excel and ran the “Highlight Exceptions” tool to find outliers in the dataset – it read the table, uploaded it to the service and in seconds returned the results - which included the number of outliers - in this case air temperature and it also highlighted in the table the imagerows.  It was so easy.  I can see it being used for many scientific datasets - even to clean them before doing other analysis, charting, graphs, uploads, etc.

    The Table Analysis Tools included are:

    • Analyze Key Influencers
    • Detect Categories
    • Fill from Example
    • Forecast
    • Highlight Exceptions
    • Scenario Analysis
    • Prediction Calculator
    • Shopping Basket Analysis

    Microsoft SQL Server Data Mining Services

    Mine your Data, Any Place, Any Time

    The SQL Server Data Mining team is working to extend the power and ease of use of SQL Server Data Mining to the Cloud. Our goal is provide services that allow you to build rich, predictive applications without worrying about server infrastructure, and showcase these services with cool applications that give you a glimpse of what’s possible. We bring you a technology preview of our work below. Enjoy!

    Current Projects

    Table Analysis Tools for the Cloud

    Build powerful predictive reports on your data with just a few clicks!
    - No data mining expertise required
    - No server installation required
    - All you need is your Internet connection

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