They just published an overview of the great collaboration going in the AzureMODIS project with UC Berkeley, Univ of Virginia, and the MSR eScience group.  The project was a very early adopter of Windows Azure and is already one of the largest applications running on Azure.  Kudos goes to Youngryel Ryu, Jie Li and of course Catharine van Ingen for pioneering ScienceOnAzure.  The highlights - AzureMODIS manages:

  • 5 TB data upload (600,000 files) from the NASA sites (six days for upload)
  • 35,000 hours for reprojection
  • 12,000 hours for derivation reduction
  • 3,000 hours for analysis reduction
  • 50 GB reduced results delivered to the desktop

AzureMODIS: Accelerating the Pace of Environmental Research

AzureMODIS is a pipeline for the download, processing, and reduction of diverse satellite imagery—using Windows Azure to deliver the results of massive cloud computational power to the desktops of researchers.

A reprojection of surface temperature data collected by the MODIS researchers using Windows AzureA mosaic of daily surface temperature data aggregated and reprojected from MODIS imagery using Windows Azure

AzureMODIS: Accelerating the Pace of Environmental Research - Microsoft Research