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  • Blog Post: New update of Microsoft ICE– Cool video to panorama feature

    The latest update to Microsoft ICE – Image Composite Editor is available and it has a feature I’ve been waiting for – being able to create a panoramic stitched images from video…now you can take videos with your cellphone or Flip Video and easily create large seamless images. Here’s a panoramic stitch...
  • Blog Post: Project Tuva: Richard Feynman is now available to all.

    Project Tuva , an enhanced video player showcasing Richard Feynman’s “Messenger” lectures is available for all to try out.  It’s the way I’d like to view talks and related information – check it out.  Not only does it allow for web links, images, but it also integrates with the WorldWide Telescope...
  • Blog Post: Michael Jackson Memorial Concert Live in HD on the Web

    Just heard that the Michael Jackson Memorial concert will be broadcast live in HD over the Web.  They will be using IIS Smooth Streaming and Silverlight , the technology that delivered on-demand video for the 2008 Sumer Olympics on . Michael Jackson Memorial Concert | Sympatico ...
  • Blog Post: “Cophenhagen” – a user experience concept video

    Just saw some of these great UI concept ideas by Cullen Dudas’ on istartedsomething and it’s a fun watch. Also – some some footage that shows off some of the previous Windows launches. Copenhagen User Experience from Copenhagen Concept on Vimeo .
  • Blog Post: Virtual Earth in full view

    Now this is a way to view Virtual Earth – talk about an immersive experience.  I would like to see how WorldWide Telescope would look on this display… PDC2008 ShowOff Entry: Multi-channel Virtual Earth Multi-channel Virtual Earth Description This video shows a multi-channel version of the Virtual...
  • Blog Post: Live Mesh Video

    I really like the functionality provided by Live Mesh…and the video below helps gets the vision across.  Beyond file syncing – I just tested out distributing a .NET 3rd party app using Live Mesh and the app runs flawlessly.  So I could install an app on one machine and have it available to...
  • Blog Post: Sphere Project - A Multi-Touch Interactive Spherical Display

    Today at the MSR Faculty Summit – I was able to play with the Sphere Project, and it’s a real unique way to interact with information/data.  It makes you think what data could be place in a system like this and how to interact with it.  We’ll be playing with it more and are interested in ideas...
  • Blog Post: National Geographic and Stonehenge in Photosynth

    Video showing Stonehenge in Photosynth off the National Geographic Magazine site  - Stonehenge Photosynth: 3-D Exploration
  • Blog Post: DeepEarth - VE and Silverlight Deep Zoom

    Just ran across he DeepEarth OpenSource community project on CodePlex - bringing SilverLight 2 Deep Zoom to Virtual Earth - it pans and zooms really smooth.  Test it out or check out the video
  • Blog Post: Kit3D - a 3D graphics engine for Microsoft Silverlight

    I was pointed to this on CodePlex - interesting to think how it could be used to enable Science Apps to display their data in 3D.  Check out the samples at Kit3D - a 3D graphics engine for Microsoft Silverlight - Home Kit3D is a 3D graphics engine for Microsoft Silverlight...
  • Blog Post: Word for scientific publishing

    Here's an interview Jon Udell did w/ Pablo Fernicola about the Word Addin for Scientific publishing . Word for scientific publishing Pablo Fernicola is a group manager at Microsoft.  He runs a project focused on delivering tools and services for scientific and technical publishing, with a particular...
  • Blog Post: TED Talks - Roy Gould: WorldWide Telescope

    I realized I hadn't posted the link to the TED Talk on the WorldWide Telescope   Science educator Roy Gould and Microsoft's Curtis Wong gi ve an astonishing sneak preview of Microsoft's new WorldWide Telescope -- a technology that combines feeds from satellites and telescopes all over the world...
  • Blog Post: Bill's Last Day Video

    In case you didn't get to see the video of Bill's Last day from's a link to it on Soapbox - the cameo's are great.... Bill's Last Day
  • Blog Post: Behind the Code with Catharine van Ingen

    Here's more details on one of the folks involved w/ the MS eScience & Berkeley Water Center project... Behind the Code with van Ingen Catharine van Ingen, a former Berkeley “hippie chick” turned software architect, discusses her craft and experiences in this interview, airing on Channel 9.
  • Blog Post: Golden Age of Scientific Computing Video

    Cool video on the " Golden Age of Scientific Computing " from the Chris Johnson and the folks with the Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute at the University of Utah. found the link on
  • Blog Post: Virtual Earth video

    Very cool video of 3D Virtual Earth
  • Blog Post: Future Personal Rapid Transit system on MS Campus?

    Ran across this video of a PRT system on SoapBox - It would be nicer than the current shuttle system. more info at It's an updated vision of the Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit project - which I had the pleasure to ride on a few years ago... Soapbox on MSN Video - Microsoft...
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