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July, 2004

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    Lookout available for free download!

    There's been lots of speculation about Lookout being bought just for the people and that the product would never be see the light of day again. Well, it's available as a free download from Microsoft here . Who knows how long it'll last, so grab it now...
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    Some great RPGs coming to the XBox soon

    Unlike a lot of my friends, my favorite computer games are generally RPGs. Most of my friends are really into first person shooters. I don't even own Halo ! I have enjoyed some first person shooters. Way back when, I really got into Star Wars: Dark Forces...
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    Microsoft acquires Lookout

    I'm sure everyone has heard about this by now. MSN acquired Lookout last week. Lookout is a Outlook add-in that indexes your data and gives you a toolbar like the various toolbars for IE (google, MSN, etc). You can type in a string and instantly find...
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    Khoi Vinh likes Office 2004 for the Mac

    Khoi Vinh posts his thoughts on Office 2004 for the Mac : It’s true that none of the revised programs that make up the suite come close to being the most gazelle-like software I’ve ever run. Nevertheless, the one word that keeps running...
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    Why did Apple integrate RSS support into Safari instead of Mail?

    One interesting announcement coming out of WWDC this year was RSS support in Safari . I wonder if this means Apple employees will start blogging more? :-) I'm a bit surprised they chose to integrate this support into Safari instead of Mail. I find it...
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