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April, 2005

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    Visual Studio expansions

    Mitch Denny describes Visual Studio expansions . This is a really nice feature in VS 2005 that lets you quickly insert templated code where you can fill in key information quickly. For example, you can type prop <TAB> <TAB> and then type in...
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    I've upgraded to a Dell Inspiron 9300

    I just upgraded from a Dell Inspiron 8600 to the 9300. I got the 8600 shortly after leaving the Macintosh Business Unit, just a little over a year ago. I was switching from a 15" TiBook. If I'd still been doing Macintosh development I would have definitely...
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    Another ex-MacBU Development Manager is blogging

    Kenny Wolf is now blogging here . Kenny was the Development Manager in Redmond while I was Development Manager in Mountain View for a couple of years. He moved over to the Indigo team a couple of years ago. Read all about it on his blog :-)
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