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August, 2007

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    Frustrating error using Remote Desktop

    Recently I've started hitting the error below when trying to connect to one of my Windows 2003 Server machines with the /console option: (Error connecting to existing session for dancre (Id 0). The operation completed successfully.) You've got to love...
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    Tafiti is an interesting search experience built on top of Windows Live Search and SilverLight. Be sure to click the tree view. It's pretty cool stuff, from some people I used to work with .
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    Windows Live SkyDrive/Spaces integration

    Another feature that went live today is the ability to add a "Files" module to Spaces that shows the visitors to your Space the folders they have access to. LiveSide blogs about it here . Scott also has a nice plugin for Windows Live Writer that makes...
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    Windows Live Folders is now Windows Live SkyDrive!

    We have updated Windows Live Folders and rebranded it as Windows Live SkyDrive . There are lots of cool new features. One of my favorites is the rich upload experience that lets you easily upload lots of files at once, including drag and drop. You can...
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