January, 2008

  • Dan Driscoll's Blog

    More on attachments

    Since my monologue on the IWSDAttachment object last week, it's occured to me that there's a much simpler way to explain which programming patterns you have to use when reading from or writing to WSDAPI attachments. Here's a table that describes it...
  • Dan Driscoll's Blog

    WSDAPI 101 Part 3: Generated code and what it does for you

    This is the third article in the WSDAPI 101 series. You'll learn the most by starting at the beginning, although it's not required to understand the content in this article. Now that we understand the layering presented in WSDAPI 101: Part 2 , we can...
  • Dan Driscoll's Blog

    Empty Types field in a WS-Discovery Probe

    I've been talking an awful lot lately about WSDAPI, Microsoft's implementation of the Devices Profile for Web Services, but I also work a good deal on the wire side of WSDAPI, and want to talk a little bit about how I interpret an edge case of a WS-Discovery...
  • Dan Driscoll's Blog

    Help! I can't write to my attachments!

    Another day, and another detour from WSDAPI 101 . Today's article comes courtesy of WSDAPI's attachment interfaces, which are often the subject of questions I receive from fellow developers. In specific, I'm talking about: IWSDOutboundAttachment...
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