Hello!  The purpose of this blog is to discuss the exciting things that I work on at Microsoft, including the Cryptographic API 1.0 and the Smartcard API.  I will use this forum to talk about common mistakes and confusing issues that developers face when using these APIs (capi and winscard).  My focus will be on proper usage in terms of program correctness, security, and performance.


What are my qualifications?  I’m the Crypto API 1.0 and Smartcard API developer at Microsoft.  I didn’t write the original version of either API set – that happened during the period in my life when I was still focused on partying in college – but I have been responsible for numerous improvements and feature additions and have been working on them for years now, first as a tester, then as a developer. 


I appreciate feedback on what I post here – is it useful?  If you’ve got topic requests please let me know.