May, 2010

  • Dani Diaz

    Pete Brown Lights Up on Silverlight & WPF 4 – Connected Show #29

    Peter Laudati & Dmitry Lyalin host the edu-taining Connected Show developer podcast on cloud computing and interoperability. Check out episode 29 “ Get LIT with Silverlight & WPF 4 ”.  Microsoft’s own Pete Brown joins Peter to discuss the...
  • Dani Diaz

    Casting Options

    Before C# 4.0, C# was mainly a strongly typed language. Even with the new dynamic features introduced in version 4.0, it is still considered mainly a strongly type language. With strongly typed languages the compiler typically is able to warn us about...
  • Dani Diaz

    Const Vs ReadOnly

    With so many new and exciting technologies we geeks tend to forget about some basic concepts we learned a while ago.  This is the case at least for me. When I was making the transition from Classic ASP to ASP .Net, I researched every discrepancy...
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