August, 2010

  • Dani Diaz

    What’s Happening–September 2010.1

    Do you live in or around Pennsylvania? Are you a developer trying to sharpen your skills? Perhaps you just want to socialize with other technologies (Geeks) as yourself. Well you are in luck. We have one of the most active developer community in the country...
  • Dani Diaz

    Announcing Philadelphia WCF Firestarter

    Intro to SOA & WCF Jump right in to understanding what service orientation is and how WCF is the preferred technology for this architecture.  You'll see how services get written in WCF from scratch and using best practices from the beginning...
  • Dani Diaz

    Connected Show Crew On Visual Studio LightSwitch

    Peter Laudati & Dmitry Lyalin host the edu-taining Connected Show developer podcast on cloud computing and interoperability. Check out episode #35, “Cat Ladies & Acne-Laden Teenagers” .  In this episode, the duo cover the latest news around...
  • Dani Diaz

    Phone Garage - Stop Dreaming, Start Building

    Can’t wait to build the next big Windows Phone 7 application? We hear you. The Windows Phone 7 platform represents a truly revolutionary new opportunity for mobile app developers. That’s why we’re hosting the evening Windows Phone Garage – and you don...
  • Dani Diaz

    Dream it. Build it

    The power to build smart, visually stunning games and applications is right in your hands with Windows Phone 7. Want to see what’s under the hood? This full-day series of learning events for developers will take you behind the scenes with an inside look...
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