January, 2012

  • Dani Diaz

    Beta of Amazon Web Services SDK for Windows Phone Released

    Yesterday we announce the “beta” availability of the AWS SDK for Windows Phone. You can read all about it here . Getting started with the AWS SDK for Windows Phone: Getting started guide Getting Started video Video walkthrough of the samples provided...
  • Dani Diaz

    Windows Phone Resources

    Over the last year I have had the privilege to attend various hack events. I really enjoy getting together with fellow nerds and just hack at code together. I saw this this on email and thought I would share it with everyone. Education · Jump Start Videos...
  • Dani Diaz

    30 Days to Launch Mobile App Challenge

    To celebrate the launch of Seed Philly, the Philadelphia tech community's newest resource, we are throwing down a mobile app challenge in Philly throughout the month of February...join us over 4 weeks to build a Windows Phone app! Your tickets includes...
  • Dani Diaz

    Introducing Project Woodland

    Earlier I blogged about a new blog series that I am starting this year and will continue over the next few months. The idea is to document the process of creating a real product from start to finish. Since I am not making this a real business venture...
  • Dani Diaz

    My Secret Dream

    Ok maybe is not a secret at all as I believe it is common knowledge that all developer dreams of striking it big. To come up with the one technology, framework or product that changes the game. Yes, I am being over dramatic but I am sure if we poll 100...
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