February, 2012

  • Dani Diaz

    Windows Phone Starter Kit for Conferences

    This kit is still a work in progress. I am making it available now to get feedback. Please let me know if you find any issues. It will be available on github soon. The Windows Phone Starter Kit for Conference allows you to easily create a Window Phone...
  • Dani Diaz

    Join us at Game Developers Conference

    At this event, Microsoft introduces developers to the future of games and entertainment. With technology deep dives focusing on Xbox LIVE and Windows 8, learn about how you can build great experiences by capitalizing on Microsoft's vision for connected...
  • Dani Diaz

    Windows Phone Design Resources

    Here’s another list of great Windows Phone resources for developers and designer. Lots of goodies here: Windows Phone Consumer site www.windowsphone.com AppHub – Developer Site for Windows Phone http://create.msdn.com Windows Phone YouTube Channel http...
  • Dani Diaz

    C-Sharpen Up

    Don't miss this exciting day of C# content. Following the progression of the .Net Framework release schedule, we'll cover some great topics from each version of C#! We'll end the day with a look at some popular "Best Practices" that can also help take...
  • Dani Diaz

    MADExpo 2012 Call for Speakers

    Get your abstracts ready ! We're kicking things off for MADExpo 2012. Last year we had a great response from the speaker community and we're expecting 2012 to be even better. Abstracts We're interested in all topics for all platforms. We're interested...
  • Dani Diaz

    More Json With Windows Phone

    A few weeks ago, I did a short blog post on consuming Json from Windows Phone. I posted more as a reference for myself but I have gotten a few emails about it so I figured I would expand on it. Consuming Json is Windows Phone is not hard but it can be...
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