March, 2012

  • Dani Diaz

    Binding Multiple Controls to One - Windows Phone

    A co-worker of mines is building a price calculator app for Azure. He is an Azure specialist with no Window Phone development experience. He wanted to have multiple slider controls adjust the value of one textbox. Originally I thought so simple, just...
  • Dani Diaz

    Windows reimagined

    New York, NY Date April 19, 2012 Time 9:00AM – 5:00PM Location Center 548 548 West 22nd St FREE Event Seating is limited, so register today. Connect with us Learn everything you need to start building Metro-style apps for Windows today at our free, full...
  • Dani Diaz

    The Road to Windows 8!

    A free, unbiased look at the current and future development with Windows 8 and .NET. The industry is in a state of flux. What does that mean for your software projects today and tomorrow? Will your skills be outdated? Will your current investment become...
  • Dani Diaz

    The HackReady.Phone WebCast Series

    Join us for HackReady, the new online learning series designed for developers to bring you the vital bits you need, without the fluff you won’t miss. Full of key information and demonstrations, this series gives you a solid understanding of the tools...
  • Dani Diaz

    Feel @Home With Azure

    My teammates Peter Laudati , Brian Hitney and Jim O’Neil have been hard at work on a very cool project! It is not really a new project but they have done a lot of work to bring back the “@home with Windows Azure” project. So what is it? The @home ‘brand...
  • Dani Diaz

    Windows 8 Developer Camps - Coming Soon!

    Ready to dive in and learn more about Windows 8 and the developer opportunity it represents? Then get ready for the series of Windows Developer Camps ! These are free, full-day, developer-focused events featuring a combination of sessions and hands-on...
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