Bitter Sweet Times

Bitter Sweet Times

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Career and professional growth is something that I have always taken very serious. In the tech field it is very easy to have your skills become irrelevant if you don’t work hard keeping up with the changes in technology. The constant change is something that I actually enjoy. I became active in the technical community in Philly many years ago in my attempts to stay up-to-date. This involvement let to a a job with Microsoft five years ago.

Microsoft is an awesome place to work. The opportunity to growth professionally are endless. In a couple of weeks I will be transitioning to a new role at the Microsoft Technology Center in Malvern, PA. This is the sweet part.

It is also bitter because I really love the Developer Evangelist role. It is the best job I ever had. It has given me the opportunity to work with some awesome people; inside and outside of Microsoft and have developed friendship that I hope will last a lifetime.

So why make the change?

I have always said that no matter how happy you are in your current job, it would be foolish and maybe even arrogant to no listen to new opportunities. I even take the time to reply to out of the blue LinkedIn request (unless they are looking for a c pound developer). So just like my first job a Microsoft, this new opportunity just came up without me really looking for it. One minute I was giving Penn State students a tour of the Microsoft offices in Malvern, PA, then before I knew it,  I was basically interviewing for the job. Things just aligned perfectly. Basically it came down to the fact that my new role is just as awesome as my current one but with less travel and less nights and weekends. I will also have a bit more interaction with customers and the sales cycle which is something I have an interest in. Growth…

So where am I going?

I am joining the Microsoft Technology Center as a Technology Architect. Microsoft MTC’s help companies envision how business problems can be solve with the use of technology. I will be focusing on Windows 8, Windows Phone, Surface and Azure or should I say XAML and cloud? Smile This really is another dream job. I feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity.

P.S While my day-to-day responsibilities will not involve working with the development community, I am still planning to participate in it. I really think that one of the best things any developer can do is to get involved in a community. I have gained a lot more from being involved in the community then what I’ve put in. Looking forward to continue being active in the community either through user groups or my new role.