Another blogger at found interesting issue

I mean, on this blog for some period I have observed many trackbacks sourced by rss feeds.
URL like suggests that it's an aggregate covering many other blogs to into a single feed at least.

Looks fine as you can also subscribe rss to all msdn blogs at once from directly, but..

When it was accidental in the past and I'd think that maybe those particular articles were good enough to duplicate the publication somewhere else.
Now almost every one is trackbacked, Alfred suggests that many more may never be tracked.

When I noticed that trackbacks I started wandering what's the big deal there. Looks that there is.
Question is if it's truly a friend or a foe for an original author and the source blog publication.

Alfred mentioned the issue of proper statistics measurement. I talked about that issue to with my collegue at office - Michal.
We both agreed that either way Community Server stats capabilities are just rubbish.

If I reffered directly only on that measurement of how much value I give to the community I'd better go blind and try to find my way.
The only direct value of these statistics are comments and not the counter but the word written by YOU!

I think that's the best measurement of good blog -> dialogue between the author and his readers. That's the reason why I try if it only makes sense to answer in comments to these comments.
I just started so I get a few (maybe this blog is rubbish at all :D) but I'm really glad to each of you who have commented already and I really encourage to comment entries and have that dialogue.

Copied RSS feeds won't help much in that because usually authors don't read them but their own site only to check for updates.
Answering to the original question -> if that's the foe dialogue through comments might be the cure.
If that's the new friend here -> well, let them copy freely. Isn't it all that buzz word we call Web 2.0? :D