While ordering international power converters from mobileplanet.com, I broke down and ordered the Kensington WiFinder.  It's basically a keychain that notifies you when you're in a wireless hotspot.  Not bad for $35, and now finding a hotspot is now a walk in the park ;)
The one addition I would love would be GPS and some sort of memory so that I can record where the hotspots are.
I already have a USB keychain which has come in very handy, and with the addition of the Wifi Finder I don't want to add another, but the new Philips audio keychain (left) and the camera keychain, if only they could combine them into one keychain:

 Still on my wish list is KVH's TracVision A5 mobile satellite tuner which allows you to watch satellite TV anywhere (mount to the top of your car).  It's pricey at $3499.99 on Crutchfield.com, but hopefully by the time I can afford it, it will have both internet and WiFi access and I will have a car with a hard top :)

As a good blog citizen, I will of course let you know how good the WiFi Finder actually works...