[Sorry if this post sounds like a stream of consciousness, I have no time to blog]

  • Channel 9 officially launched today, check it out and tell Robert what you think....
  • MVP's are swarming in Redmond, ScottNo has some good plans for C# MVPs, and tomorrow is a jam-packed day on C# 2005.
  • UConn wins, more importantly Duke loses, the country breathes a sigh of relief, Goldfarb weeps :)
  • Work does not stop...the drive towards beta 1 has begun....too much work
  • XNA Rules - http://www.microsoft.com/xna/ 
  • “Old“ XBox Live news
  •  [Xbox] Microsoft Throws down the gauntlet - Cross-platform games, and cross-platform hardware...that Xbox controller will be able to connect up to your PC directly and vice-versa.  No more owning two driving wheels :)

Back to work...